Say Hello to new Weblog

It’s been a while I’m using Tumblr every now and then and it seems more fun to use so I moved my weblog to tumblr, please feel free to visit and follow

5 Reasons why I’ll never switch to Android

I have used a lot of phones in my life. I’ve been obsessed with mobile technology ever since I was 15, and my passion has only grown since then. I’ve tried handsets of all shapes and sizes, and virtually every Continue reading

Hug a Software Developer Today

Awesome video done by someone, from developer to developers

What’s New in iOS 5 ? It’s just Awesome

Most of us are waiting eagerly for final iOS 5 release to try the new amazing features ourselves. While imagining the new features, you can see the below awesome video that shows you what iOS 5 can do…

Programming Community Index for February 2011

February Headline: C# and Python are closing the gap on PHP The rise of C# and Python are continuing in 2011. Both languages scored another old-time high this month and are now busy with overtaking PHP. Other interesting news is Continue reading